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  1. Light My Fire - Fire Lighting Kit + Grandpa's Firefork

    List Price: £17.50

    Special Price £16.95

    The Light My Fire - Fire Lighting Kit + Grandpa's Firefork - As a kit comprising of three of Light My Fire's best sellers, the FireLighting Kit has everything you need to get your campfire roaring - comprisinf of the Swedish FireSteel 2.0® to light your campfire with ease, Tinder-on-a-Rope and Grandpa'sFireFork

  2. Snugpak 'Premium' Pillow

    List Price: £21.00

    Special Price £18.99

    The SNUGPAK 'Premiun' Pillow - You’ve chosen your sleeping bag and your sleeping mat, so you’re assured a good night’s sleep, but don’t forget your pillow! Our inflatable pillow allows you to inflate it to just the right fill for your own preference, whether you like a hard pillow or one with some movement/flexibility. This one is tough, high quality and durable. When not in use it can be easily deflated and stored. Light and compact, this pillow is an easy way to reduce weight when travelling.

  3. Mammut Element Air Pillow

    List Price: £18.95

    Special Price £17.50

    The Mammut Element Air Pillow is an inflatable ergonomically shaped camping pillow that packs down to an incredibly small size of 30mm x 55mm x 80mm and is extremely light in weight only 38g!

  4. Katadyn Vario Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

    List Price: £55.00

    Special Price £51.99

    The Katadyn Vario Replacement Water Filter Cartridge is a removable and replaceable filter cartridge for the Katadyn Vario water filters. You can be sure to always have that fresh-tasting clean drinking water that the Katadyn Vario Water Filter can supply.

  5. Mammut Kompakt Air Pillow - for extra comfort - SPECIAL OFFER 25% OFF RRP

    List Price: £25.99

    Special Price £20.00


    The Mammut Kompakt Pillow is an inflatable foam pillow with skin-friendly outer material. This light inflatable pillow fits into all Mammut sleeping bag hoods. 

  6. Sea To Summit - Luxury Pillow

    List Price: £46.99

    Special Price £39.99

    The Sea To Summit Luxury Pillow with a self inflating Insert - The new Luxury Pillow is made by combining a self-inflating insert with high-lofting Dacron fill to offer the ultimate in support, comfort and adjustability 'ABSOLUTE LUXURY'

  7. Mammut Ajungilak Kompakt Summer Sleeping 195L Bag

    List Price: £130.00

    Special Price £124.99

    The multi-award winning legend: Ultralight, extremely compressible and outstanding weight/insulation ratio. Best in class in terms of package size.

    The Mammut Ajungilak Kompakt Summer is a superior summer sleeping bag and one of the most technical lightweight bags around. The Kompakt is a superior summer sleeping bag for those who want a technical, lightweight bag and is suited for adventure holidays, backpacking and approach. Lighten the burden with possibly the lightest most compact synthetic summer bag around!


  8. Snugpak Softie Technik 4 Sleeping Bag

    List Price: £169.95

    Special Price £139.99

    The Snugpak Softie Technik 4 Sleeping Bag is a top of the range sleeping bag, with five different colour-coded models, all catering for different temperatures. Whatever conditions you’re planning on facing, there’s a Softie Technik for the job.

  9. Vaude Tour Self-inflating Sleeping Pad / Mattress - Grey

    List Price: £70.00

    Special Price £62.99

    The Vaude Tour is a lightweight and comfy sleeping pad for trekking and camping. The Tour includes a pack sack for transport and storage, and an an emergency repair kit

    This sleeping pad has an exceptionally small pack size for easy transport, even in a daypack.

  10. Mammut Dry Bag Medium - 15 Litre

    List Price: £25.50

    Special Price £24.50

    The 15 Litre Medium Dry Bag - is an extremely rugged, waterproof stuff bag for sleeping bags and other items that need to stay dry. The window makes looking for contents easier, and when turned inside out the Dry Bag becomes a flexible cushion or sleeping pillow.

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