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  1. Snugpak Merino Wool Technical Walking/Hiking Socks

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    The Snugpak’s Merino Technical Socks provide a relaxed comfortable fit thanks to the in-turned welt and extra padded sole.

    The Snugpak ® Technical Merino Sock is a lightweight, comfortable sock, ideal for shorter ventures or when a smoother, lower profile sock is required. Ideal for warmer temperatures, it can also be used as an additional liner for cold winter days. The blend of cool Merino and synthetic materials provides all- day use and the low profile, in-turned welt, provides support to both the foot and there is a reinforced achilles section. Extra padding on the sole is ideal for rock boots and approach shoes. Additional venting channels allows warm air to escape in the summer, and traps warmth on colder days This sock comes in a range of sizes and three technical colours.

  2. Snugpak Merino Military Sock

    List Price: £11.95

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    The  Snugpak® Merino  Military  Sock  is  a  lightweight,  comfortable  sock,  ideal  for  longer  ventures  or multiple day use with a suitable Liner Sock. Ideal for colder temperatures, or when you will be standing and  walking  for  extended  periods  of  time,  the  true heel-toe  design  prevents  movement  and  the formation of blisters.

2 Item(s)
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